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We love challenges and creative solutions. Generously dished out boldly take responsibility, sincerely delighted with our success.


Wedding planning guides and bridal services are provided from 2009. We are a wedding planner who you can trust unconditionally and let us make your wedding the most memorable and the most beautiful holiday of your life. If you decide to marry, please contact us and learn more about planning your wedding, we recommend festival program and other services.

We will prepare a celebration scenario, we will offer decorating ideas to recommend a reliable and proven wedding service providers.


Wedding Planning with us - it's unlimited opportunity to consult all the relevant wedding planning combined with the original vision of the wedding celebration. Our experience and cooperation with various wedding service providers - smooth and exceeding the expectations of your wedding day.

Wedding Planning - a sincere concern for your holiday. We take care of:


Wedding ideas and wedding style development
Wedding scenario creation and implementation
Help in choosing holidays location
Help in choosing wedding rings and bridal clothes
Wedding invitations and table cards
Photographers and video operators
Celebrations space decorating services
Assistance with the necessary documents for weddings
Wedding transportation services
Guest meals and lodging
Wedding presenters, musicians and DJs
Fun for young and guests
Wedding Coordination
Honeymoon travel and other services

Always we delivered with a number of professionals and partners who, in our opinion, could contribute to the creation of your wedding celebration atmosphere, and the final decision will always take you.

Wedding planning clients involved only to the extent that the same wish. We are flexible and understanding, so if the client already has arranged for certain services with selected suppliers - that we do not see the problem and wedding planning takes place according to the current situation.

In addition to wedding planning and implementation of their services can offer planning and your other family members or your personal celebrations.


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